Cheyenne Fire & Rescue is urging everyone to pay close attention to safety during this holiday season. For example, the U.S. Fire Administration says Christmas trees cause 200 fires every year which result in death, injury and millions of dollars in damage.Such tragedies can be prevented if everyone follows these 12 Days of Holiday Safety from Cheyenne Fire & Rescue.

Day 1: The holiday season provides that opportunity for decorations and lighting to be used in and around the home. Ensure all lighting is properly secured and approved for the application that you are using it for. (Indoor lights inside and outdoor outside).

Day 2: The colder weather means the need for heat. When using heating appliances and devices, follow all manufacturers’ guidelines.

Day 3: With the increase in holiday parties and gatherings: Don’t Drink and Drive.

Day 4: Make sure and check your Carbon Dioxide detector and if you don’t have one please take the time to get one installed.

Day 5: Holiday decorations that require power need to have the proper extension cords. Remember the cords are designed to go directly from the outlet to the appliance. Use the proper length for the job.

Day 6:  Lighters that look like toys are not toys. Secure and protect lighters from use by children.

Day 7: The holiday is fast approaching take time today to check the water level of your real Christmas tree and the overall health of the tree as well.

Day 8: Proper safety should also be provided for the use of candles. Never leave a candle burning unattended.

Day 9: While preparing meals make sure to pay attention to your cooking and don’t get distracted.

Day 10: Pay extra attention for children playing outside during the holiday rush.

Day 11: Proper clearance around the fireplace should be provided while hanging the stockings with care.

Day 12: At the end of the season the tree needs to be properly disposed of at the compost facility or through the sanitation department. Make sure that all wrapping paper, boxes, and related items are properly recycled or disposed of.

For more information about holiday safety, call the Cheyenne Fire & Rescue Department at 637-6311.