2013 was kind of yawn year or MEH. Nothing really good happened to nothing really bad happened.

Melancholy 2013: the year Obama was reelected and brought his health care reform to us. We had a royal baby born (no big earth shattering news there). Cheyenne Frontier Days was another winner, loud and proud, rodeo and music. There was our big cold winter storm to start the last month of the year in December. Funny for me--because I moved here from Alaska and thought this was fun.

Odd that we try to fit our lives into time-bound years, calendar-based with months and years. Are there ever really good years and bad years? Or is that just a perception that we inherent with time and how we live our lives?

We toss out the old and ring in the new every New Year's Eve with parties, champagne, noise makers and food. Are we really saying goodbye to the old year or hello to the new year?