A couple of weeks ago, Jim Wilson (on our sister station 106-3 Cowboy Country) had a $500 dollar winner, Ms. Betty, at the “Thankful Thursday” at the Redwood Lounge on East Lincolnway here in Cheyenne.  Last Thursday, I had the wonderful opportunity to hand over $350 dollars to a gal by the name of Linda Olson who knew the “Central Bank and Trust Thankful Thursday Word of the Week!”  Little did I know that Linda is the daughter of Betty, our $500 dollar winner from a few Thursdays ago!

Another thing I didn't know was both mom and daughter Betty and Linda were getting ready to take their winnings and head out to Deadwood, South Dakota, boarding the party bus that Alf from the Redwood Lounge put together for his annual “Redwood to Deadwood” trip.  I don’t know if Betty and Linda helped grow their winnings while they were gambling over the weekend, but they, along with everyone else who was at the Redwood Lounge last Thursday night, were winners in helping to raise money for the CFD Crisis Fund, all while having a great time, some, like Linda, winning money!

This Thursday, we’re at it again with another Thankful Thursday at the Redwood Lounge on East Lincolnway, and it’s another chance to win money, (there’s another $500 dollars floating around there with your name on it) and another opportunity to help out a wonderful cause, “Healing Waters” who help out so many of our local veterans and active military personnel!  Come out and support this wonderful organization and have a great time doing it, this Thursday starting at 4:30pm, at the Redwood Lounge on East Lincolnway!  We’ll see you there this Thursday night!