Capital Lumber in Cheyenne is featuring their 6th annual belt sander races Wednesday August 27th at  5:30P. This is one unusual race and there is no entry fee.

Unlike the scouts Pinewood Derby, how in the heck can you tell if you have the fastest belt sander? How do you test a belt sander or at least practice racing with one unless you have your own belt sander track. In these events the sanders speed down a 75 foot-long track side-by-side and stop (theoretically) when they impact a bumper at the end of the track. At a race in 2007 this sander left the end of the track TWICE, including one INCREDIBLE flight where it launched over the head of several track officials, and was snatched out of out of the air by a crew member.

Anyway, I'm a bit surprised at how little information there is about this is on the web. There are a few videos on Youtube, but other than that I've been unable to locate any "build sites" or blogs. There is a few pictures on the Capital Lumber website and the sanders look like trucks and cars. Check out the video and good luck to all the racers.