How badly do you need Facebook?  Bad enough to call 9-11 when Facebook is down?  Some people thought so!

The Police Department in La Crescenta, California were flooded with calls from people complaining about their Facebook page being down, and if the cops could do something about it!, this all from stemming from an interruption in Facebook service, for 19 minutes, which was apparently 18 minutes too long for these people.

The calls were so many, that the police actually had to release a message on twitter saying:  “Facebook is NOT a law enforcement issue, please don’t call us about it being down, we don’t know when it’ll be back up.”

While some were inconvenienced with this 19 minute interruption, how inconvenienced was Facebook from this incident?  A LOT, when it comes to revenue! investigated how much estimated money did Facebook lose by this 19 minute interruption?  The answer was pretty expensive, according to

According to Facebook’s average revenue from last quarter, Facebook rakes in more than $22,000 per MINUTE, and since the site was down for 19 minutes, the average revenue lost was almost a HALF A MILLION DOLLARS!

If anything, you would think that Mark Zukerburg would be calling 9-11 HIMSELF due to revenue lost!  There’s been several stories of people calling 9-11 for ridiculous, non-emergency situations, dealing with anything from McDonald’s running out of McNuggets, to not being able to find their own “stash” of pot!

Last year, there was a bizarre call out of Riverton, concerning a woman who was said to be “possessed,” stopped breathing after she was sprinkled with Holy Water.  When paramedics arrived, the woman was breathing, they took her into the hospital, where apparently no signs of drugs were evident, and they released her.  Still no word on whether they found an evil demon living inside her!

Have you ever known someone to call 9-11 over a situation that was non-life threatening?