Seneca Riggins, Townsquare Media

A new virtual golf, virtual shooting and social club is now open – The Players Lounge Cheyenne. If you're a golfer, you know Wyoming isn’t known for many great courses. Here you’ll find 80 different tracks of 18 holes, all simulated of course, indoors on West 22nd Street.

Don’t let anyone try to say you can’t play golf in the winter in Wyoming. In fact, when you do play your first outdoor round in the Spring, you won’t have to re-build your golf swing. You kept it well grooved at The Players Lounge.

At 902 W. 22nd in Cheyenne, the building may be old, but you would only know that from the outside, and even that has been very well cleaned up with a nice patio area and more places to socialize. The makeover inside the place is even more impressive. Check out the rest of the facilities in a photo gallery here. You can schedule your own complimentary introduction here.

And courtesy of The Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce, here is more video from the grand opening.