At some point, you've probably cracked open a fortune cookie and gotten a message that said you were about to come into a lot of money.

And chances are, you laughed it off . . . then forgot about it while you ran to the bathroom to purge all the MSG you just ate.  But if THIS is any indication, you should be taking those fortunes more seriously.

A man outside Springfield, Massachusetts named William Johnson had dinner with his wife last week and got a fortune that said, "You will soon come into a lot of gold."

By the next day, William still hadn't forgotten about it.  And he was feeling lucky, so he bought a $10 scratch-off lottery ticket.

For some reason, he didn't scratch it off for a few days.  But when he did . . . he found out he'd won a million bucks.

William decided to take the lump sum instead of installments, so he got $650,000 before taxes.  He and his wife still aren't sure how they'll spend it.