Al Pacino (John Lamparski/Getty)

Al Pacino has played his share of mobsters in his career, do you have a favorite? I liked how real his character Tony Montana was in "Scarface."

Pacino has been added to the cast of "Gotti: Three Generations," expected to be released to theaters in 2013.
Mobster John Gotti will be played by John Travolta, his real-life wife Kelly Preston is set to be his on-screen wife Victoria and Lindsay Lohan has been cast as their daughter Kim Gotti. Pacino will be  Neil Dellacroce in the film, consigliere to Mafia leader Carlo Gambino, who brings John Gotti up through the ranks in the organization according to
Joe Pesci reportedly will also have a role in the "Gotti" film, no mobster film would be complete without him.
Pacino has played other mobsters besides Tony Montana over the years, he was Michael Corleone in the "Godfather" movies and played Lefty Ruggiero in "Donnie Brasco." The producer of that film, Barry Levinson, is set to direct the project. He directed Pacino in last year's TV movie "You Don't Know Jack." Pacino won an Emmy for his role in the film as Dr. Jack Kevorkian.