Have you ever heard the fourth album by Traffic?

You'll be able to listen to half of it on the 'KING FM Sunday Brunch' this last weekend of August. At the start of the 8 a.m. hour, we'll play side one of Traffic's 'John Barleycorn Must Die.'

Traffic had broken up briefly in 1969 when Steve Winwood left to join Eric Clapton in Blind Faith. 'John Barleycorn Must Die' was released in 1970 after the band reunited, although they only stayed together until 1975.

Listen in at 8 a.m. and you'll hear side one's three songs:

  1. 'Glad' (written by Steve Winwood)
  2. 'Freedom Rider' (Winwood/Capaldi)
  3. 'Empty Pages' (Winwood/Capaldi)

Personnel on 'John Barleycorn Must Die' include:

  • Steve Winwood-Vocals, Hammond Organ, Piano, Bass and Percussion
  • Chris Wood-Saxophone, Flute and Percussion
  • Jim Capaldi-Drums and Percussion

Following the break-up of Blind Faith, Winwood started working on a solo album. He recruited Capaldi and Wood to help him out and the result ended up being the fourth album by Traffic, their most successful so far.