I keep poking fun at her on the air, but when Hollywood stars go wacko, they need to retreat from more weirdness and insanity, it only adds to the fire.

Amanda Bynes has been on a mental rampage for several years now and I think the spotlight from the paparazzi and the tmz.com's of the world are adding to her insanity. She tried to tell the world yesterday she is just bi-polar. No Bi--- you are crazy and you need real help not voluntary institutionalization.

Her problems started in 2012 with a multitude of driving incidents. Talking on a cell phone, DUI, sideswiping a police car. The her car was impounded and her license suspended. Wait there's more...Then a pot incident. Then she started a fire in her driveway with her Pomeranian barely escaping injury. That got her a 5150 in California. Then another DUI incident, then she said her father molested her and then she recanted that by saying the chip in her brain made her say that. Late this year, she was arrested for going full-on Wynona Ryder, shoplifting in New York City. Her parents cut off her money when she began buying total strangers Cartier jewelry on the streets of New York. She is back in LA, where she is living on American Express gift cards from her parents.

This is where she needs real help and needs to get out of the spotlight for awhile and seek real treatment. Like Jerry Seinfeld told George Costanza, you need the kind of treatment from a team of real Austrian therapists and psychologists. I guess I should quit picking on her, but this is getting to be funnier than doing impressions of Presidents.