Do you own Billy Joel's second album?

It's the last 'Sunday Brunch' of April and that means we'll be playing half an album at the beginning of the 8 o'clock hour. This month's 'Album Side Sunday' features side one of Billy Joel's 'Piano Man' from 1973.The tracks that make up side one of the Billy Joel 'Piano Man' album include:

1. 'Travelin' Prayer' (Dolly Parton's cover won a Grammy Award in 1999)

2. 'Piano Man' (autobiographical story of Joel's lounge singer days in L.A.)

3. 'Ain't No Crime'

4. 'You're My Home' (written for Joel's wife, Elizabeth Weber, as a Valentine's gift)

5. 'The Ballad of Billy The Kid' (Joel admits it was historically inaccurate)

Musicians playing on 'Piano Man':