The other day, I was loading the dishwasher,(Father's Day of all days,) when I saw all of this water in the bottom of the machine, and thought, “here we go again, we've got to call a repairman.  My husband said “let me get in there first to see if I can fix it.”  GULP!  Is it really a good idea to fix something major just to save money?

We just had a plumber “roto-rooter” our line in the sink because our dishwasher was backed up, but it happened again.  My husband thought it must be the dishwasher itself.  So he decided to tear it apart to see if he could fix it, even though I knew the best thing to do is call an appliance repairman to come out to the house and fix it instead.  The result, lots of dishwasher parts all over the place, lots of dishes that I’m going to have to do by hand, and, of course, a phone call to an appliance repairman!

My husband is an extremely bright and intelligent man, and he’s also known to be handy around the house, but something of this magnitude requires an expert, and even though I didn’t want to say “I told you so,” I did know that the end result would be to hire an expert, and pray that we didn’t’ do even more damage to our dishwasher after yanking out parts that we had no idea what they were, or how to put them back!

Ever have your significant other try to fix something major around the house that you KNOW you’re going to need to call an expert to get it done right?  I’m also wondering if men somehow feel pressured to fix those things because it’s “their job” to fix things?