As we all get into the Halloween spirit, one thought has run across the minds of neighbors and visitors alike in our capitol city…where are all the ghosts?  According to Jill Pope, they’re EVERYWHERE in Cheyenne!

Jill Pope, who’s the director of operations at Visit Cheyenne, the Convention and Visitors Bureau, as well as manager and co-writer of the Cheyenne Street Railway Trolley Ghost tours, also has another title she goes by, author.  Her book “Haunted Cheyenne” is full of great spooky stories of sightings and spirits who tend to linger throughout Cheyenne, several of them in our historical landmarks, including Cheyenne Depot Museum, the Wrangler, and, a place that my husband and I have called home the last several days while we wait to close on our Cheyenne home, The Historic Plains Hotel!

Now I personally have not seen any furniture moving, or ghosts lurking in the halls of the Plains Hotel, however, in talking with several employees, and in reading Jill’s fascinating book on our “capitol ghosts,” several areas of the hotel are said to be haunted, especially the 4th floor.  As the story goes, long ago a man fell out of the 4th floor window.  Some sources say that this man was allegedly pushed out of the window.  Another story I hear echoing through the halls of the Plains Hotel is about a young boy who some say fell down the elevator shaft, while others say that he was murdered in the basement of the hotel.  Some even say they hear him running up and down the halls, while others hear some “creepy and unusual sounds” coming from the basement.   Many employees say they won’t even venture in the basement of the hotel alone.

Jill also mentions several “mysterious sightings and activities” that have happened after business hours at both the Cheyenne Depot Museum and the adjoining restaurant Shadows Pub and Grill.  Strange laughter, doors slamming, chairs being knocked over, and several other incidents that have been reported by past and present employees of both establishments!

My wonderful friend Pat, who manages the Wrangler in downtown Cheyenne, once told me that she’s heard some strange noises late at night that she says “must be Tom…” the “Tom” she’s referring to is that of Tom Horn, who apparently was held in the basement of the Wrangler while awaiting his trial that ended in a noose around his neck for allegedly shooting a young boy that he thought was a cattle wrestler.  Apparently Tom Horn swore that he was innocent of the crime up until the day he was hung, and some say that his angry sprit still lingers in the city that convicted him of the crime.

So if you’re looking for something spooky to do to get into the spirit of Halloween, you might not have to look any further than Cheyenne.  After all, you never know who you might run in to, and what era of “beings” you might find yourself “encountering!”

Have you ever had an encounter with a ghost or sighting, if so, do tell!