Even though I love Christmas, spending time with family and friend, I for one, am glad it’s all over!  After fighting for a parking space that’s nowhere near the main store entrance, and plowing my way through the crowds trying to get everyone on my Christmas list taken care of, I think the last place I want to be the day after Christmas, is at the mall or department store.  Other’s however feel quite differently!

According to this study, 39% of people say that they’ll go shopping the day after Christmas to snag up all the leftover bargains, and get all the leftover wrapping paper and decorations for half price.  I know that seems logical, after all, it would be nice to stock up on some things to put in the Christmas stockings for next year, but for some reason, I just can’t bring myself to fight the “leftover” crowds just a day after the big day!

 How about you, are you getting your shop on the day after Christmas?