As we near the upcoming “Big Game,” I would imagine that most of us will be watching our Broncos beat the crap out of the Seattle Seahawks, and of course, we’ll also have the benefit of watching all the Superbowl commercials that go along with the game.  However there are some out there who are watching this year’s Superbowl JUST for the commercials. And you better believe there are more commercial-only watchers than you think!

According to this study, 55% of people said they’re ONLY watching this year’s Superbowl for the commercials, and that they could care less about the game!  I guess I’m a little shocked because I, a huge Bronco fan, just assume that everybody else is, too! But I was proven wrong by this study.  

So what say you? Are you watching this year’s Superbowl match up for the game, or just the commercials?