Retired financial planner, Republican Art Hansen, is running for County Commissioner for the second time. He also ran in 2012. 

Hansen said the reason he is running again the same reason he ran last time, to improve the quality of life in Laramie County. He also said he believes he has the skills to help the commision work more effectively.

"What's important with the commission is to bring all the commissioners together, work effectively. I like the difference of opinion and that's great when you are sitting down and discussing and determining what you are going to work on. But once you start working on something you need to work "unified." If you are not your are dragging down the process and don't get as much completed."

Hansen said another priority is addressing the roads in the county. He said he believes the county has done a "pretty good job" with the resources they have available, but there is always room for improvement.

"Obviously based on funding, unless we have a windfall it's not going to get much better, but they are doing the best they can to maintain."

Hansen has been a resident of Laramie County for 40 years. He worked for Prudential Financial for over 25 years. He also worked for Bank of the West/BancWest Investments as vice-president and regional manager.