The Wyoming Lottery reported sales of $1,000 per minute yesterday as the Lottery began in The Cowboy State.

Your could say our lottery was a smashing success. Between noon and midnight, first day sales of the Wyoming Lottery reached nearly $200,000.  ALF’s Pub and Package Liquors in Cheyenne and KIKS Chevron in Evanston tied for top retailer sales at $2,050 each, followed by $1,079 in sales at the Holiday Station in Sheridan where the first lottery ticket was sold. Congrats to our good friend Alf in hitting some big numbers.

Below are the sales by county, listed by top sales amount.
1. Natrona $36,450
2. Sweetwater $24,855
3. Laramie $22,028
4. Uinta $17,378
5. Campbell $17,693

Everyone has Powerball and Mega Millions fever and the players will only play more in dreams of hitting the big jackpot.