WATCH YOURSELF When moving or walking on ice!

Last Monday night, we bough a couch for the new house off Craigslist. We loaded into the van with the help of the seller, a great guy at Warren. We drove home and remembered it's just us, no other help.

We struggled to get the couch out of the back of the van and inch by inch moved it closer to the front door. Up the stairs we go. My wife Janis on the front end and me on the back. I moved up the first step, then the second and as I positioned my self on the porch, My right foot slipped and I felt the worse pain since childbirth. (that part made up).

Yes I pulled my groin muscle on the right side. Boom goes the couch. As I danced around the yard in pain after hearing the actual pull/tear in the muscle, I could see lights come on in the neighboring houses.

Feeling a bit better thanks to the Cheyenne YMCA hot tub and better living through medication. Please watch yourself when moving, especially as you get older and in inclement weather. Better to find a neighborhood kid for a few bucks to help.