Ok.. I know this is "immature".  But something about this headline brought out the 13-year-old in me.  It was just too easy.  I'm sure the writer of this article was fully aware of the jokes to be had at it's expense.  But I like to think that he wasn't aware, it's more fun for me  that way.  What do you think.  Best or worst headline ever?

There isn't much to say about this.  The article is legitimate.  I actually found it fascinating, due to the fact that I am a space nerd.  The unfortunate name of this planet has been cracking up us "immature" folk for decades.  There is debate about the pronunciation of the planet which helps take some heat off of it.  The headline also creeps in a fart joke which is not helping my "maturity" status.  I'm sure the jokes won't be stopping anytime soon.  Maybe one day I'll grow out of it, but until then.....hehehehe.