Is it almost time for you to tie the knot? Have no fear, we’ve put together the five best places in Cheyenne to have your bachelor party before you enter a lifetime of indentured servitude bliss.
And while you’re trying to decide which of these places should get your business, suggest to your bride to be that she check out 106.3 Cowboy Country’s list of places for her and her heroines to go before your big day.
Of course, the more jaded among you might want to go here first and complete some paperwork. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

1. The Den

The South Greeley Highway, on the Colorado border

(307) 635-0765

Well, we’ll lead with the classy choice: The Den Gentlemen’s Club south of Cheyenne. Sadly, we probably shouldn’t share a photo with you, because these things have a habit of getting around once they’ve made their way onto the internets.

We probably don’t need to say too much about the place. If you’re going to stay in Cheyenne and are looking for exotic dancing, this is your best bet. You can give them a call and inquire about throwing a bachelor party, even. They have an arrangement (ahem…) with a Colorado limo service, too, so there should be no concern about drunk driving charges after you take advantage of their bottle service (domestic whiskeys start at $160) and many, many pitchers.

2. Old Chicago

On a Thursday night

1734 Meadowland Dr.


If, for some reason, you were going to have your bachelor party on a Thursday night — maybe because you plan on sleeping it off before partying the rest of the weekend away? — we’re hard pressed to suggest any place other than Old Chicago.

A few of us have partaken of the fun on Thursday nights. (Just ask our coworkers, who suspiciously frown at our bloodshot eyes Friday mornings. Or Friday afternoons.) If you’re up to closing the town down, you might think about walking over to Mingles before the night is through, but Old Chicago has great food, enough televisions to put your buddies at ease, and on Thursday night, karaoke and some babes for your less fortunate friends to gaze at.

3. Curt Gowdy

Anyone who has lived in Cheyenne for any amount of time already knows about Curt Gowdy State Park, but we’re happy to see some out-of-towners showing love too. In the June issue of Outdoor Magazine, the park makes its cycling issue. Of course, we had to groan when we noticed Outdoor mentions Laramie, instead of Cheyenne, as the nearest place to grab a bite (ah, Bunkhouse, anyone?), Boulder as the nearest city of import and Denver — Denver! — as the nearest airport. But back to the party thing.

Sure, you can bust your backside on a bike, and we’re sure that’s just the ticket for some of you. But for the rest of us, there’s also fishing. We promise not to tell your bride to be that fishing is, ahem, synonymous with “drinking.” If you look them both up in the dictionary, they both have the same definition, we’re pretty sure. A great, outdoorsy way to spend just a little money and have a great time doing it.

4. The Drunken Skunk

1617 Capitol Ave.

307.778.3134 and on Facebook

To rip off Smuckers: “With a name like The Drunken Skunk, it has to be good.” Or something. If you want live music in Cheyenne and the offerings at the Outlaw Saloon are a little too country for your taste, the Skunk is your best bet. Their website proclaims, “We’ve been dubbed ‘Cheyenne’s Newest Hot Spot,’” although they don’t mention who’s doing the dubbing. That said, we can attest to the fact that their drinks are reasonable, they have plenty of room to stretch out, billiard tables, a dance floor and dartboards.

The Skunk has bands most Friday evenings, so keep that in mind while you’re plotting your final adventure in freedom. And because we’re thinking about your single buddies too, we should mention that Wednesday is Ladies’ and Karaoke Night. Just so you know. (Don’t forget earplugs.)

5. Tuskers Bar

3310 Ridge Rd. (at E. Pershing)

307.634.3334 and Facebook

“This has to be the coolest bar in town,” one guy comments in one of the Facebook photo albums (pictured), and he may know what he’s talking about.

If the Den will get you into too much trouble is too expensive, the Outlaw is too country and the Skunk is too live for you, there’s Tuskers. Not unlike Old Chicago, Tuskers seems to have developed a very healthy weeknight presence, too, so if you’re thinking about doing someone during the nights of the days where most other schleps (read: us) are worrying about clocking in the next morning, this is your shot.

Congratulations on your impending marriage. We’re glad you’re doing it, so we don’t have to, and are cutting down on competition in the Cheyenne area. But please be sure to let us know when your girl is having her bachelorette party, so we know to go hit on her bridesmaids!