So, sister, you’ve finally wrangled in the one to tie up with? Marriage is coming quick down the pike? That can only mean one thing: bachelorette party! Our female staffers have put their heads together to present to you our best five ideas for that last gasp of freedom before you tie the knot.

Read on for the five best bachelorette ideas in the Cheyenne area and some selected pointers.

Does your husband-to-be need some advice? Our friends at KING-FM have it!

1. The Outlaw Saloon

Presented by Katrina

If you want the late night party, the Outlaw Saloon is the place to go for a crazy, fun, and loud bachelorette party. The Outlaw Saloon is a large bar that will have a country band playing until 2 am. They often have big names venture in as well, such as Lady Antebellum, Rodney Atkins, Tracy Byrd, and Bucky Covington, just to name a few. Expect to pay more those nights and get there early because this place will be packed (which would be even more fun for a bachelorette party!). They have reasonable priced drinks, fast bartenders and cocktail waitresses, and a large selection of alcohol. Grab your ladies and pull them on the dance floor for a fun time dancing. Or if dancing isn’t your thing, you can grab a table and just listen to the band or play some billiards. And of course, there are a lot of cute cowboys there … for your single friends, of course!

2. Adora Day Spa

123 Western Hills Blvd. and in the Plains Hotel

(307) 773- 8520 and (307) 772-3402 or Facebook

Presented by Amy

You’re going to need to get all prettied up anyway, so why not make a day out of it? Grab your entourage and head for the Plains, where Adora offers its “Great Escape Package,” a day-long experience to extricate you and your party from the glum and nastiness of day to day life. There’s the sauna, followed by a salt scrub and massage. Then the excellent Capital Grill serves up lunch before you go back in for an afternoon of facials, manicures and pedicures. Don’t forget to forget your phone at home.

Packages run from $110 per to $290 for the Escape package described above.

3. The Bunkhouse

Presented by Katrina

Good food, fun drinks, an awesome country band, eccentric people, and fast swing dancing are the themes of the Bunkhouse Bar. This hidden treasure is about 20 minutes west of Cheyenne off Happy Jack Road. They might just have the best staff around to help you with all of your bachelorette party needs. From helping to get your table set to your liking, serving food off a great menu that you and your friends will love, and then of course, making sure you are taken care of throughout the night. It truly is their pleasure to ensure you have an unforgettable party! You will find all ages and types of people there, but amazingly, they are all ready to dance your boots off! With the best local country bands playing every weekend, make sure to get a reservation, because this cozy place will get very full. Swing dance the night away at the Bunkhouse Bar and Grill!

4. Downtown Tavern Trawl

Downtown Cheyenne. Find several bars online or Facebook:

The Drunken Skunk, The Crown Bar and the Underground, The Albany, Shadows Pub and Grub, Suite 1901, The Eagles, The Eagles’ Nest, and Scooters.

Presented by an anonymous coward.

Getting a hangover isn’t only for the boys, although women seem to be smarter about it. Why not book a hotel room someplace downtown and then walk from bar to bar? Only The Underground regularly has a cover change, and it’s inexpensive, so you can move from place to place before you get turned out for spilling one too many drinks. And then there’s your hotel, right around the corner. For those looking for something different, the Green Door is also easily in walking distance. If you see one of us there, please don’t tell the boss.

5. The Cheyenne Regional Airport

4000 Airport Parkway

(307) 634-7071 or Facebook

Consensus pick.

It’s not that there was a great deal of disagreement about the four places we’ve mentioned, but everyone agreed that the airport needed to be on the list. Sure, Cheyenne prides itself on being a destination city, especially during the warmer months, but for many a bachelorette party may be the best excuse in a year to jet out of town. Our crack team of even knows where to fly to: Las Vegas. Vegas is close enough to be affordable but far enough away to count as a vacation. And of course we all know what happens in Vegas… ahem, nevermind.