Come one, come all, and bring your mutt too, because on June 14th, we’ll be celebrating all things canine, with the Black Dog Animal Rescue’s Annual Summer Mutt Fair in Lions Park.

This event used to be held in the winter, and you might recognize it as the “Merry Mutt Fair.  However, Brittney Wallesch from Black Dog Animal Rescue said that they decided to move the event to the summer because “we needed more space and sunshine, and we needed a reason to be outside and bring our dogs…”

The Annual Mutt Fair is a giant festival that’s basically a pet expo, there’ll be all sorts of vendors and experts with pet products, pet services from all over the state of Wyoming as well as Northern Colorado, and there’ll be other vendors on hand selling goods and services.  Of course Black Dog Animal Rescue will be out there with lots of adoptable dogs that are needing loving homes, but there will also be other shelter and rescue partners adopting their animals as well.  “It is the best time of the summer to come out and look at adoptable pets and find your new buddy to take home,” Brittney stated, so it’s a wonderful opportunity to find your new “furry family member.”

There’ll also be local trainers on hand to answer any questions you might have about your dog, and Black Dog Animal Rescue will be having a kissing booth of sorts, it’s a chance to kiss a Pit Bull….A PIT BULL???

Brittney “we really like to promote Pitt Bulls and “bully breed” dogs in a positive light.”  It’s your opportunity to actually see just how loving and friendly these dogs really are, and they’ll be out at the booth waiting to give you a big ole smooch!

We will also be out there with our “Shame Your Dog” booth.  It’s an opportunity for you to bring your dog (on a leash) make a sign, and take a picture of you “shaming your dog,” whether it be a picture with a sign that says “Fido got into the trash again, bad dog,” or “Spike chewed up my brand new living room couch, bad dog,” etc.  Whatever fits for you need to “shame” your dog, you can take a picture of it at our booth, and then we’ll post those “shameful” pictures on our website.  Then, we’ll be taking votes on our website to look for “Cheyenne’s most shameful dog,” for a shot for you and your “shameful dog” to win prizes!

This is one of the biggest events for Black Dog Animal Rescue, and this day will be filled with live music, all sorts of fun and all sorts of loving adoptable dogs.  For more details, check out Black Dog Animal Rescue.