Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities spokesman Clint Bassett says BOPU water reserves are a little lower than normal, adding it's not clear at this point whether the situation merits concern or not.

Bassett says water in the city's reservoirs is about 73 percent of capacity, which he characterizes as 'a little lower than normal, but not bad". Bassett says snowpack in the nearby mountains is around 79 percent of normal. Cheyenne gets about 75 percent of it's water from streams in the Medicine Bow and Laramie Mountain Ranges, according to the BOPU website.

Bassett says precipitation totals in the next few weeks will determine whether the water situation will be a real concern during the summer months in Cheyenne or not, adding "we'd like to see a little more snow before summer". Bassett says the BOPU Board will consider possible possible water use restrictions in April.

He says by that time officials should have a better idea whether the water situation merits  concern and what steps may need to be taken to address the situation.