If you were a fan of the television show Breaking Bad, you were no doubt sad to see the end. What happened to Jessie, Skyler, Walter Junior, or better yet, What happened to Saul, the lawyer? At this point you’ll never know what happened AFTER the finale, but you’ll be able to find out what happened before.


Breaking Bad Creator Vince Gilligan came up with an idea for a spin off series, Better Call Saul, that was initially supposed to be a half-hour sitcom starring Bob Odenkirk and was being pitched as more of a comedy. Later they decided to expand the program to a full hour and take it in a more serious direction. That said, it will be a a lot lighter Breaking Bad. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have expressed interest in making cameos in the new series, which is being setup as a prequel to Breaking Bad, and that there’s a pretty good chance that we’ll see other characters from Breaking Bad as well.


Better Call Saul will go into production in the next few months and should air between August and October of next year.