I’m a person of many words, and many I’m sad to say, I’ve screwed up, but not the word “Badonkadonk,” and not like Bryan Cranston!

Bryan Cranston was on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” talking about the new movie “Godzilla,” and Jimmy Fallon, who’s known for his goofy games he likes to play with his guests, came up with the game “Word Sneak.”  Both Jimmy and Bryan were given five random cue cards, and the object of the game is to try to sneak these words into their conversation.

Bryan was given the word “Badonkadonk,” so he starts to ramble on about some show Patrick Duffy was once in, and thought he could sneak in a word that he’d obviously never seen.

Years back when “Trivial Persuit” was a big game, I was playing with some friends and I was reading the card where I basically said, “…What famous ‘Dis-coth-a-cue’ was the basis for this 70’s movie about disco?...,” and my friends all said “What???”  So I repeated myself…”What famous ‘Dis-coth-a-cue’ was the…”  Once again they said “What???”  So, once again I said LOUDLY this time, “…WHAT ‘DIS-COTH-A CUE’ WAS THE…” and before I could finish, one of my friends said “let me see that…” and she yanked the card out of my hand, then looked at me and said “Teri…that’s ‘Discotheque' you idiot!" 

We all got a big laugh out of that one, and I still have yet to live that one down.

What word have you flubbed up so badly that you can’t live down?