This handy tool is amazing for your interior and exterior illumination needs.

Remember the days of hanging all the lights outside or around the tree and the magic moment when you turn on the of the section of lights is not working?

"The little ones aren't blinking Clark..."
"Thanks for noticing, Art."

This isn't even an "As seen on TV" product or in a late night infomercial. Can you believe it? This is... *drum roll Sparky* THE LIGHT KEEPER PRO TOOL.

This baby sends out a current of electricity to unblock burned out sections of lights. This eliminates the need to check every light and section of bulbs.

Clark Griswold: "Rusty we checked all of the lights, right?"

I saw this at the Cheyenne Home Depot for $24.99. If you get one and use it, let us know if it rocks or not!