While waiting for an appointment, I was thumbing through a magazine called “Bella Spark” and  was intrigued by the featured article “Can Animals Help Us Heal?”

There have been studies in patients who spent company with animals, and it proves that their blood pressure dropped, and tension decreased dramatically.  Often times hospitals and nursing homes allow therapy dogs to pay their patients a visit.  My friend Shamin takes her Saint Bernard “Bandit” out to visit patients here in Cheyenne, and the response is always overwhelming, and Bandit not only gets lots of love from these patients, he GIVES lots of love to them.

Kids who are learning to read are getting help from our “furry little friends” by reading to them.  Studies found that children who read aloud to their pets, improve their reading skills significantly.  Some schools even have animals pay children a visit to help them read.

I know after a long stressful day, I look forward to seeing my cats, Oswald is usually the first to jump on my lap and cuddle.  I can’t tell you how much joy our cats have given us, and with all the tensions of the day, it’s so great to have them to cuddle up with.

There are so many loving pets Like this adorable dog Shelby, who are looking for loving homes, and Shelby and the rest of them are waiting for you at Cheyenne Animal Shelter.  Right now, they’re having some great adoption specials.  Contact Cheyenne Animal Shelter, and get some pet therapy today!