I was getting dressed for work this morning, and pulled out one of my favorite blouses, only to put it back in the closet.  It's my favorite white blouse, only trouble is, it's white, and as I was putting it on, I heard that faint voice that said "No White After Labor Day"  Really?

Where did that rule come from anyway?  I read an article about it that said it's started way back in the dark ages (pun intended) when wealthy travelers would wear all of their white clothing during their summer travels, especially while traveling abroad, because white clothing helped them to stay cooler.  Then when they returned home from their travels, typically by Labor Day, they would pack their white clothes away, and unpack all their dark clothing for their fall and winter wear.

They would "poo poo" anyone who would dare to wear white after Labor Day, because it simply was a fashion faux pas.

There's also an old superstition that you're not to wear white after Labor Day or else you would either die from a terrible plague, or suffer from arthritis, or you might go bald, or some other unfortunate situation could happen.

So do you follow this cardinal rule of not wearing white after Labor Day, or are you a free spirit and wear whatever color you want no matter what time of year it is?