Everybody seems to be talking about them and the extra hassle it creates!  Just this morning, it looks like we'll have to add another one to the list. Early this morning a truck that was too big to sneak under the Ames Underpass, smashed into the bridge creating extra detours for traffic!  We don't know if the bridge is going to require repairs at this point or not, didn't they just get done doing that one?

The projects we do have confirmation on are as follows;

Crews will be repaving McComb and Carey Avenues this week, Carey Avenue between Pershing Blvd and West 3rd Avenue today.  Tomorrow crews will repave Carey Avenue between West 8th and Kennedy Drive.

West 20th Street between O'neil and Bent Avenues will remian closed as crews replace two water main valves.

3 Lanes of West Lincolnway between Thomes and Pioneer Avenues will also be under construction for the next 2 weeks.

Also, we have heard of another project getting ready to fire up on Pershing Blvd on Thursday...but don't have any official details at this point.

The best way through these projects is of course to avoid them all together!  If not, please be careful and obey any signage and road flaggers.