Best of Cheyenne

The Top Five Sledding Hills in Cheyenne
Cheyenne is going downhill fast. Literally.
Here’s our completely unofficial and totally subjective list of the five best sledding hills in the Capital City.
1. The hill Between East High School and Okie Blanchard Stadium on Pershing – Steep enough for a good ride, but safe enough for chil…
November 28, 1867: Cheyenne’s First Thanksgiving Dinner
On November 28, 1867, just 15 days after the Union Pacific Railroad had reached Cheyenne, one of the town's original shopkeepers, H.H. Ellis, helped prepare the first Thanksgiving feast in the new city.
By that time, nearly 4,000 workers and merchants had flocked to bustling western outpost...
Cheyenne’s Five Biggest ‘Gut Busters’
One of the best things about Thanksgiving is eating yourself into a food coma; devouring plate after plate until you nearly explode.
To properly prepare you for this week's gluttony, here's our completely unofficial list of the five biggest "gutbusters" in and around Cheye…
Cheyenne’s Five Most Haunted Places
Ever since the Union Railroad Railroad arrived in 1867, Cheyenne has been a haven for miners, gunslingers, gamblers, and rugged frontiersman looking to stake a claim.
According to some folks, many of those early settlers continue to haunt Cheyenne to this day...

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