Cheyenne Frontier Days

The Most Expensive Parking Spot at Cheyenne Frontier Days
Would you pay $50 for a parking spot?
Carloads by the dozen were shelling out big bucks Friday night for the best spots in the neighborhood surrounding Frontier Days Park.
The most expensive lot we saw Friday night was advertising $50 spaces just across from the park on 8th Avenue and Carey...
The Cheyenne Frontier Days Corndog Quiz
Can you guess how many corndogs are sold every year during Cheyenne Frontier Days?
5,000? 10,000? 15,000?
Guess again.
According to Concessions Committee Chairman Allen Stoinski, approximately 2,000 corndogs sold every day during CFD...
Who Travelled The Furthest For Cheyenne Frontier Days?
Every year, Cheyenne Frontier Days attracts thousands visitors from all over the country and across the world.
This weekend, we met people from almost every state; a lot of folks from California and Texas and, of course, a big crowd from Denver and Northern Colorado...
The Cheyenne Frontier Days ‘Locals Only’ Poll
I live in "the Avenues". 50 weeks out of the year, it's one of Cheyenne's best neighborhoods.
However, during CFD, it's a freak show. On any given night, people will block my driveway, walk on my lawn and make noise at all hours. Last year, I even saw a drunk guy taki…
Cheyenne Frontier Days in Pictures: 1897-1901
As we gear up for the 120th annual "Daddy of 'em All", here's a look back at the very first Cheyenne Frontier Day celebration in 1897 (it was originally a one day event).
Colonel Edward Slack was the owner and editor of The Cheyenne Leader, the prominent local newspap…

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