Right In The Feels – Melt Your Heart [VIDEO]
Faced with a bleak Christmas with the likelihood of no presents and probably not even a Christmas Tree, what are these children to do? What would your choice be?.
Some underprivileged kids in Atlanta were asked what they wanted for Christmas and what gifts they thought their parents would like...
“Elf Lives Matter” Protest Breaks Out At North Pole
Thousands of elves went on strike this morning at Santa's North Pole workshop. The protesters held signs reading "Elf Lives Matter" while demanded shorter working hours and higher wages.
Many of the striking elves also accused their boss of showing favoritism to the local reind…
Santa Survives Bear Attack
Children all over the world are breathing a sigh of relief after Santa Claus survived a brutal attack by a hungry bear last night. While shaken, Santa is assuring friends that Christmas will go on as scheduled this year.
Onlookers originally feared for Santa's life after the bear attempted to ea…
The Ten “Stupidest” Christmas Gifts of 2015
The website has just unveiled their 9th annual list of this year's most ridiculous novelty Christmas gifts.
The 10 Most Stupid Gifts of the Year features a variety of novelties, including the "Farting Reindeer Butt Ornament”, “The Man Sack", “Magic Poop” putty, the “Butt Crack Ho…
Help Us “Stuff Santa’s Sleigh” With Toys For Tots
Want to help make the holidays a little brighter for kids here in Cheyenne?
Thursday, December 10th through Saturday, December 12th from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., we’ll be camping out at the new Walmart on 580 Livingstone Avenue “Stuffing Santa’s Sleigh with Toys for Tots”
The Five Best Places For Sledding in Cheyenne
If you grew up in or around Cheyenne, chances are you have fond childhood memories of sledding in the winter. With that in mind, here's our completely subjective list of the five best sledding spots in the Capital City.
1. The Hill Between East High School and Okie Blanchard Stadium on Pershing - Ste…

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