Wyoming: Do You Know the Story of Santa’s Suit?
The American version of our modern day picture of the jolly old elf started taking shape in 1863. Harper's Weekly hired a young man by the name of Thomas Nast to illustrate pictures of Santa. His task was to feature Santa bringing gifts to Union troops during the Civil War.
Wyoming Mall Santas Gear Up For Holiday Rush
This year, six professional "Mall Santas" will be spending the holidays in Wyoming.
According to Slate, malls typically hire two Santas to handle the crowds. They usually split days, working an eight hour shift Monday through Saturday and a six hour shift on Sunday...
FedEx Saved Christmas (for some)
Some FedEx Employees volunteered to help get presents delivered to their destinations after weather delays and a massive number of last minute online orders contributed to a failure to meet their 4:30 p.m. Christmas Eve delivery deadline...

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