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Don’t Fool Your Kids On NYE
So Netflix has a live streaming countdown early on New Year's Eve to make the kids think it's midnight. Don't do that, come to our Kids New Year's Eve Party inside the Depot.
A Christmas Gift From WHP Troopers
How about this Christmas gift from the Wyoming Highway Patrol. An end to the trooper evaluation process or "quota" system. Troopers were graded on citations and tickets issued.
Scenes From Cheyenne’s White Christmas 2014
This is a once in a decade event. A WHITE CHRISTMAS in Cheyenne. We've only had a few and the snowfall was never much. We are expecting around 5-7" before this ends on Friday. Enjoy the pictures of Cheyenne's WHITE CHRISTMAS.
Uncle Buck Can’t Wrap
Men cannot wrap Christmas gifts. Here's proof from Uncle Buck who can't wrap.
Here's a woman showing you how to wrap the perfect gift.
Seth Rogen Is This Generation’s Nicolas Cage
Years ago a friend told me a great joke. Nicholas Cage was at Christmas Dinner and when the rolls were passed, he took one, you never have seen Cage turn down a role. Wondering if this whole Sony Pictures email hacking is a PR stunt for "Interview" The new Rogen-Franco movie.

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