Glad To See 2015 Go? You Will Be [VIDEO]
Chris Cruise
“Better Call Saul,” hi-rez photos from deep space, molecular miracles, Broncos make playoffs.... All are some of the great things about 2015, but they are not mentioned in this chipmunk video wrap of the year.
You didn’t know how bad 2015 was until you saw this video
Wyoming Willie Should Have Won [VIDEO]
Wyoming Willie almost made the cut. Yosemite Sam almost had a different name.
Warner Bros. Animation initially had a few names to choose from for this hot and hair (hare) triggered temper tantrum with a mustache. The other options were Texas Tiny, Wyoming Willie, and Denver Dan...
Monty Python Spamalot On Stage Tonight [VIDEO]
Monty Python fans will want to see their comedic musical Spamalot onstage tonight with The Cheyenne Little Theater Players. This performance is inspired by the cult classic Monty Python And The Holy Grail movie.
Just $24 gets you into their 7:30 show at the Mary Godfrey Playhouse 2706 East Pershing B…
‘Hick and Chick’ Comedy Tour Coming to Cheyenne
If you're looking for a few laughs this week, the Hick and Chick Comedy Tour is coming to the historic Atlas Theatre in downtown Cheyenne on Thursday night.
The show features nationally touring comedians, Benjie Wright (The Hick) and Lang Parker (The Chick)...
Someone Funny This Way Cometh [ NSFW / VIDEO]
He’s one of the hottest multi-talented comedians on the circuit, and is also a notable singer and songwriter and recording artist with eight major comedy albums that have sold millions of copies. Rodney Carrington is bringing his considerable talents to The Casper Events Center 8pm, Saturday, …
Monty Python’s Spamalot Wants You
The twisted world of Monty Python comes to Cheyenne and the Mary Godfrey  Playhouse 18300 West Alameda. The Cheyenne Little Theater Players are casting and looking for talented and enthusiastic actors to join them on stage.
Auditions are this evening (Monday, July 27) from 6 - 9, with more infor…
Nick Danger Is Dead [VIDEO]
Phil Austin has passed and with him goes the character Nick Danger, (Third Eye) of Firesign Theater fame. The late 60s and early 70s troupe put out great and groundbreaking comedy albums that seemed meant for stoners, but you could enjoy them straight as well...
Jamie Foxx Does Musical Impressions With Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon has so many awesome games and gags he performs with his guests, that it's no surprise he's the holding the late night crown. One of my favorites is the Musical Impression Generator. Last night (May 19th, 2015), he played the game with a musical and comical genius, Jamie Foxx.
Eddie Izzard Standup Saturday Night
The Eddie Izzard - Force Majeure World Tour – America comes to the Cheyenne Civic Center on Saturday night May 23rd. He’s like Monty Python meets Robin Williams that is silly yet sophisticated and he’ll be performing his routine from his worldwide tour in Cheyenne with online ticke…

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