Daily Distraction

Screaming Goat Christmas Carols, Really?
As if you needed proof that some people have too much time on their hands, ActionAidSweden posted this funny but irritating video on YouTube. It’s O Holy Night (Goat Edition).
It’s only a minute and forty five seconds long but you’ll probably bail after the first twen…
Best Auto-correct Ever?
Dictionary.com defines "lard-ass" as ... "a person having unusually large buttocks."
So, I think you’ll find this amusing. If you type "lard-ass" on some cell phones, it will auto-correct to "Kardashian."
. . . A…
Burglar Hides From Cops Eaten By Alligator
Looking back, this guy should've let the cops arrest him, and do his time in jail. 22-year-old Matthew Riggins of Palm Bay, Florida was breaking into houses last month, and some people spotted him and called the cops.
So he called his girlfriend and told her he was going to hide from them...

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