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Creed Review Of Creed, Wait, What? [VIDEO]
Funny Or Die has a great new video where Scott Stapp from Creed reviews the movie "Creed".  He gives it "four arms wide open" . . . even though it's all about boxing and has no epic guitar solos on a mountaintop.
I give the review 3 out of 5 chuckles
Aerosmith Paid With Pickled Eggs
It was on this day, November 21st of 1991 that Aerosmith became the first rock band to make a guest appearance on The Simpsons where they performed “Walk This Way” at Moe’s Tavern for..... free pickled eggs.
Let’s relive this spectacular moment in rock history...
Wyoming Willie Should Have Won [VIDEO]
Wyoming Willie almost made the cut. Yosemite Sam almost had a different name.
Warner Bros. Animation initially had a few names to choose from for this hot and hair (hare) triggered temper tantrum with a mustache. The other options were Texas Tiny, Wyoming Willie, and Denver Dan...
Why Hell’s Angels Cleaned Janis Joplin’s House
With the release of the new documentary; Janis: Little Girl Blue,"´comes a story from her last boyfriend David Niehaus, about the time five Hell's Angels crashed their place one night and started eating all their food.  David was scared because they had guns ...

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