Who Was Wyoming’s Dumbest Criminal of 2016? [POLL]
2016 has been a banner year for stupid criminals in the Cowboy State.
We want to know who you think was Wyoming's dumbest criminal of the year. Here are the contenders:
“Hooking for cheeseburgers isn’t normal” – That’s how Casper Police Detective Dan Dundas summed up…
Only in Wyoming: Cody Cops Bust Drunk Guy Riding a Horse
This week marks the seventh anniversary of a quintessential "only in Wyoming" moment.
December 27, 2009, a man in Cody, Wyoming, was arrested for riding a horse while intoxicated. 
Cody Police had recieved a call from a motorist who was worried that the white horse might present…
Wyoming’s Five Dumbest Criminals of 2016
What a long, strange year it's been; especially for stupid criminals here in Wyoming.
Here's a look back at the five dumbest crimes of 2016 in the Cowboy State:
1. "Hooking for cheeseburgers isn't normal" - That's how Casper Police Detective Dan Dundas summed up a…

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