The Best Small Town Bars in Southeastern Wyoming
If you're willing to get off the beaten path, there are some hidden gems in southeastern Wyoming.
Here's our completely subjective and totally unofficial list of the best small town taverns and saloons in the southeast corner of the Cowboy State, in alphabetical order...
68 Years Ago: Wyoming Legislature Outlaws Drunk Flying
This week marks one of the weirdest anniversaries on Wyoming history. 68 years ago, the Wyoming legislature made it illegal for pilots to operate commercial or recreational airplanes under the influence of alcohol.
In 1949, there were no federal laws governing drinking and flying...
Belly Up To The Bar at Wyoming’s Oldest Brewery
There are dozens of breweries across Wyoming these days, some of whom are ranked among the finest in the world.
While most of them are relative newcomers, Wyoming's proud brewing tradition dates back 145 years when a German immigrant first established the Green River Brewery...
The History of Prohibition in Wyoming
This week marks the 97th anniversary of the Volstead Act, which officially enacted prohibition on January 16, 1920.
While most Wyoming politicians favored the recently passed 18th Amendment, at least publicly, the new law was rarely enforced in most parts of the state...
Who Was Wyoming’s Dumbest Criminal of 2016? [POLL]
2016 has been a banner year for stupid criminals in the Cowboy State.
We want to know who you think was Wyoming's dumbest criminal of the year. Here are the contenders:
“Hooking for cheeseburgers isn’t normal” – That’s how Casper Police Detective Dan Dundas summed up…
Only in Wyoming: Cody Cops Bust Drunk Guy Riding a Horse
This week marks the seventh anniversary of a quintessential "only in Wyoming" moment.
December 27, 2009, a man in Cody, Wyoming, was arrested for riding a horse while intoxicated. 
Cody Police had recieved a call from a motorist who was worried that the white horse might present…
Wyoming’s Five Dumbest Criminals of 2016
What a long, strange year it's been; especially for stupid criminals here in Wyoming.
Here's a look back at the five dumbest crimes of 2016 in the Cowboy State:
1. "Hooking for cheeseburgers isn't normal" - That's how Casper Police Detective Dan Dundas summed up a…

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