Are Magic Mushrooms Wyoming’s ‘Safest’ Drug?
According to the annual Global Drug Survey, psilocybin mushrooms are the "safest" recreational drug. Statistics show that, for every 10,000 people who "trip shrooms", only 20 will need medical treatment.
In 2001, the National Drug Intelligence Center concluded that magic mushrooms…
Travel Tips For Marijuana Smugglers Driving Through Wyoming
The Wyoming Highway Patrol just made another big pot bust. Yesterday, they announced the arrest of a California man, who was caught with 342 pounds of marijuana in the town of Sundance.
Just in time for 4/20, here are a few travel tips for any would-be pot smugglers driving through Wyoming...
It’s A Rocky Mountain Lie
It’s a lie, or a spoof, if you want to believe empiresports.co, an alleged satire site, along the lines of “The Onion,” but lacking in, you know, humor.
Play Wyoming’s Funnest New Online Game: Name That Narcotic
It's time to play Wyoming's funnest new online game...Name That Narcotic.
Inspired by our friends at K2 in Casper, who report a new drug bust just about every day, this fun game tests your ability to match alleged drug users to the illegal substances they were apprehended for...
The Biggest Drug Bust in Wyoming History
It seems like there's a new drug bust almost every day here in Wyoming, especially in Casper.
While it may seem to be getting worse, addiction is not a new problem for the Cowboy State. In fact, this month marks the 104th anniversary of the biggest drug bust in Wyoming history...
Wyoming’s Cocaine Epidemic in the Early 1900s
These days, we hear a lot about marijuana, meth and prescription drug abuse here in Wyoming. 100 years ago, the Cowboy State had a different drug of choice, cocaine.
According to a recent Westword article, cocaine use was prevalent all over Wyoming in the early 1900s...

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