Grateful Memories

Grateful Memories of the Grammy Awards 2015
Were you watching any of the Grammy Awards broadcast on Sunday night?
There were definitely some high notes and some low notes struck at music's biggest night February 8, but I was glad I watched for a few of the musical collaborations.
KING Concert Cut: The Who ‘Magic Bus’
Have you ever seen The Who in concert?
The British rockers have an extensive 50th anniversary tour scheduled for 2015, I'll be playing a live performance of The Who's 'Magic Bus' as tonight's KING Concert Cut.
Grateful Memories of McCormick Jr High’s Kickball Field
Do you remember playing kickball at McCormick Jr. High in downtown Cheyenne?
While I was filling in for Chuck this afternoon, I was hearing the jackhammers, front end loaders and dump trucks working down the street hauling away pavement from the parking lot of the Emerson Building, the former McCormi…
How Long Have You Been Sleeping on Your Mattress?
Can you remember when you bought your current mattress?
I really had to think hard to remember the last time we purchased a new mattress; it's been at least ten years. We didn't get it delivered, so I remember trying to get the mattress home, into the house and onto the frame by myself.

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