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5 Times The Who Have Rocked Northern Colorado
Are you going to The Who concert in Denver?
Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend bring their 50th anniversary tour to the Pepsi Center on March 29 and to celebrate, we look back on other Who concerts in the area over the years.
Have You Ever Served on a Cheyenne Jury?
Have you ever received a summons for jury duty?
Recently I was selected to be part of the Laramie County Court system's jury pool from March until October, I've served before and consider it quite a privilege.
Grateful Mike: Really Does Turn On His Lava Lamp!
Did you know Grateful Mike really does have a Lava Lamp in the KING studio?
There are probably plenty of things that DJ's say on the air that you've wondered about over the years. I mention my Lava Lamp is warming up and I really do have one.

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