Wyoming’s Only Deadly Bat Bite
The 2015 Wyoming woman who died from a bat bite and was the first confirmed human rabies victim in Wyoming and may be the first human rabies death in the US since 2013.
Wyoming Chickens Up For Adoption
Five months after the Cheyenne City Council approved ownership of chickens within city limits, comes the side effects.. A lot of people think the best of raising chickens but some find out it’s more than they bargained for and now there are some displaced but adoptabe roosters at The Cheyenne …
Wyoming’s Obesity Rate Has Doubled In the Past 20 Years
While it has recently fallen, the percentage of obese adults in Wyoming has skyrocketed over the past 20 years, growing from 14% to 29% from 1995 to 2015.
For the first time in over a decade, the adult obesity rate in Wyoming went down last year, albeit slightly...

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