Researchers Discover 13 Ancient Villages in Wyoming Mountains
Did you know people have been living in Wyoming for over 2,500 years? Archaeologists from Sheffield University in England recently uncovered artifacts from 13 ancient villages in the Wind River Range.
The recent discovery sheds new light on ancient people living at high elevations...
Do You Remember The Wyoming Wildcatters? [VIDEO]
Most of Wyoming's greatest sports moments have been in Laramie. But did you know there was a team in Casper that produced 22 NBA players in the 80s?
From 1982 through 1988, the Wyoming Wildcatters were one of the most succesful teams in the Continental Basketball Association...
Fun Fact: The City of Cheyenne Was Officially Named On July 4th
Here's a fun fact: Four months before the Union Pacific Railroad arrived in Cheyenne, surveyor General Greenville Dodge officially named the town and plotted the area on July 4, 1867.
Although Independence Day officially marks Cheyenne's 150th anniversary, there was nothing here at the…

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