This Wyoming County is Bigger Than Eight States
Size matters here in the Cowboy State. While we may have the smallest population, when it comes to land, Wyoming is the ninth largest state in the country.
Sweetwater County, the largest of 23 in Wyoming, is actually bigger than the states of Rhode Island, Delaware and Connecticut...
Ten Legendary Actors Who Made Movies in Wyoming [POLL, VIDEO]
Over the years, many legendary movies have been filmed, set or based in the great state of Wyoming. Here's a look back at ten of the greatest actors who have depicted the Cowboy State on the big screen.
1. Robert Redford - Redford has appeared in, at least, three movies set in Wyoming, including…
Which Historic Wyoming Saloon Has The Most Bullet Holes?
There are many legendary saloons here in the Cowboy State. Some of them even have a few bullet holes behind the bar.
Amazingly, one of Wyoming's most historic watering holes proudly boasts 56 bullet holes in its building.
Since 1893, the Cowboy Bar and Outlaw Cafe has hosted thirsty gunsling…
Wyoming History: The Year Coffee Was Banned in Casper and Cheyenne
Imagine a world without coffee. That's the world Wyoming woke up to on April 7, 1943, when the sale of coffee was officially banned in Casper and Cheyenne.
Another casualty of World War II was a nationwide coffee shortage. Several months earlier, the United States Office of Price Administration&…

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