Cheyenne’s Top Five ‘Make Out’ Spots
All three Cheyenne high schools held their prom last weekend, which got us old timers reminiscing about our glory days many, many years ago.
Remember those summer nights as a teenager? You had a car, $5 in your pocket and, if you were lucky, a hot date...
Wyoming Convicts Looking For Online Pen Pals
For nearly 20 years, the website, has connected incarcerated convicts with pen pals across the country, including several lonely criminals detained right here in the Cowboy State.
One of those prisoners is a man named "Wyoming Ronnie," who's currently serving…
Wyoming’s Most Famous Celebrity Weddings
This year marks the 140th anniversary of Wyoming's first "celebrity wedding". March 7, 1876, legendary wild west gunslinger 'Wild' Bill Hickok and Agnes Thatcher Lake tied the knot at a house in Cheyenne.
At the time, the bride was nearly as famous as her infamous new…
The Best Dirty Car Sign In Casper [Photo]
Maybe because it's so close to Valentine's Day or maybe it's simply because I have a dirty mind, but when I pulled up behind this SUV and casually read the message written on the dirty back window, I almost dies of laughter!

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