After 35 Years, Voyagers Heading to Unknown Space
Voyager Spacecraft Near Edge of Heliosphere (flickR User/NASAblueshift)Have you ever wondered what lies beyond our Solar System?
The longest-operating spacecraft in NASA history are about to leave our Solar System.
Yesterday marked the 35th anniversary of Voyager1's launch to Jupiter and Saturn, …
Do You Support a Manned Flight to Mars? — Survey of the Day
Mars is in the news these days thanks to the Curiosity rover which recently landed on the red planet. The goal of the six-wheeled robot is to find signs of life on Mars, and NASA also hopes that its 23 month mission will increase public awareness of the space program.
But will it rekindle interest in…
Space Station Crew Snaps Photos of Western Wildfires
Have you seen how big the western wildfires look from space?
NASA recently released photos of some of the fires burning in the western United States and they really put into perspective just how large some of them are.
The wetter weather this last weekend helped firefighters contain many of the out of…
Russian Capsule Brings Three Crew Members Back to Earth
A Russian space capsule carrying a three-man multinational crew landed safely Sunday, July 1, on the southern steppes of Kazakhstan ending their 191-day mission to the International Space Station.
The Soyuz capsule performed a perfect upright textbook landing and Russian space officials quickly …

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