What Is the Difference Between Yams and Sweet Potatoes?
How long should you wait until you get thirds? Should you tell Uncle Walter his teeth fell into the cranberry sauce? How do you find the words to describe Aunt Muriel's stuffing without offending her? Good questions all, but none are the most pressing on Thanksgiving.
Wyoming’s Most Famous Wild Turkey
Up in Casper, there's a wild turkey that roams the campus of Casper College. In fact, he's become such a popular public figure that locals have affectionately named him "Thomas Gobbles".
Recently, Thomas solidified his claim as Wyoming's most famous wild turkey when r…
Wyoming’s Most ‘Googled’ Thanksgiving Recipe
Just in time for Turkey Day next week, the New York Times published an article ranking the most popular google searches for Thanksgiving recipes in each state. Here in Wyoming, the most commonly searched dish is...frog eye salad?
Turns out, frog eye salad, a dish consisting of pasta, oranges, pineapp…
Handling the Holidays With Alzheimer’s
Holiday celebrations are traditionally a time for family gatherings, sharing food and exchanging gifts, but for families coping with Alzheimer's, the holidays can be bittersweet times, filled with stress and frustration.
Janet Lewis, Executive Director of the Alzheimer's Association-Wyoming Chapter, …

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