I saw this headline in the paper last Friday and couldn't believe this is happening in 2014. Cattle rustling is alive and not well in Wyoming.

We know there is copper wire thefts, car and truck thefts and even tailgates being stolen from Ford trucks, but cattle rustling in The Cowboy State. Rising beef prices is the reason and shrinking herds. Here's how they are doing it. Rustlers frequently steal one or two cattle at a time, making the thefts look like natural losses. Ranchers near Wyoming's borders are most vulnerable to rustlers because stolen cattle can be quickly moved into another state,

There are only four investigators to cover all these losses all over the state, which can bring a sentence of 10 years in prison. Wow, it's not the 1800's, but 2014. A 50- to 100-pound calf can sell for up to $375, compared with $100 in 2000,