Clown Feet (FlickR User/laughinghyena)

Would you say you like to clown around?

I'd bet not as much as this local high school graduate.
Molly Nation Kleeman, who performs under the name SKiDDLES, was recently named Clown of the Year by the World Clown Association.
Kleeman graduated from Cheyenne Central High School and has been a professional clown since 1996.
Molly Nation Kleeman received the Clown of the Year Award at the recent annual World Clown Association convention. Candidates are nominated by their peers and are selected by committee.
This isn't Kleeman's first honor, she has won nearly 40 awards in her clowning career for makeup, costuming, balloons and skits. She also served as the southwest director of the World Clown Association from 2008 to 2011 and has been a convention chairperson since 2009.