Searching for the pre-blizzard party? Look no further than The Midtown Tavern, also known as Anderson's Other Corner, at 1303 East Pershing Boulevard.

The Change Agents are playing tonight, March 8, starting at 7 and if you heard them on KING FM you know they have a wide variety of songs to entertain you.Ty Warner and Ben Joelson are The Change Agents tonight. You might know Warner from Ty and The Twisters, the band that backed up Robin Muniz. The name comes from a domestic violence workshop where the speaker told the audience that they were 'the change agents,' making a difference against abuse.

The band played a great selection of songs while visiting the KING studio including the Georgia Satellites 'Keep Your Hands to Yourself,' Coldplay's 'Viva La Vida,' the Steve Miller Band's 'The Joker,' and some Neil Young.

In case you missed it, here's the Change Agents performing Jimmy Buffett's 'Margaritaville' at the KING studio.

Ty Warner also played an original song he wrote after Robin Muniz was killed while performing at the Old Chicago in Cheyenne. This is called 'Blink of an Eye.'